Values, Purpose, and Addiction

Stanton Peele and Ilse Thompson

A radical new vision of the journey to overcoming addiction:

Sooner or later, most people overcome addictions. And when they do, they make a very personal journey to free themselves, along with, or despite, their involvement in addiction programs, therapy, or groups. Because of deeply ingrained beliefs about the nature of addiction – wisdom that is founded on demonstrably shaky principles and failed practices – this journey is often haphazard and lonely. It's rife with fits and starts, self-doubt, and roadblocks, such as destructive habits, beliefs, self-images, and, of course, the cults that beckon with their disempowering siren song, Join us; you can't do this alone. Those who beat their addictions do so, in every case, by aligning themselves with their own values and purpose in life. Whatever winding road led them there, the one common element among recovered addicts is that they have found their own true center. This book presents a carefully charted course straight through the barrage of misinformation, and guides addicts in discovering their personal values and sense of purpose in life, which is the foundation of True Recovery ©.

[keywords: addiction, alcoholism, mindfulness, meditation, radical self-acceptance]